Sam Evans

Sam is a self taught photographer of almost three years who specializes in things that go bump in the night. From a young age, secretly watching horror movies her dad was watching; Sam has found a certain comfort in gore, the supernatural and the strange. Real life is often the horror and she finds creating her own small world of it a therapeutic process. You can see her work on Instagram @screwsocietysam and a small selection on Vogue Italia’s photographers’ page. 


Jay Wright

Jay is a lover of stories and horror has always held a special place in her heart. 80's slashers and modern horror films that walk the line between psychological and supernatural are some of her favourites (but if there's a vampire in something, she is THERE). Jay has acted in a handful of indie horror shorts, mostly as an excuse to scream as loud as she can or get covered in blood. Her real passion is writing and the urban fantasy series she co-writes, THE HUNTER AND THE SPIDER, is ongoing. You can get the first novel STRANGERS IN THE NIGHT at their website www.hunterandspider.com or on Amazon.


Jeremy Plume

Jeremy is a horror author from Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada. Tales of mystery and peril have attracted him to numerous opportunities for supporting and contributing to the arts, including his book "Plume: a collection of short horror stories" Plume also worked as an actor for Zombie Manor for the three Halloween Seasons (2016-2018) that it plagued New Brunswick. Mr. Plume works with adults living with cognitive impairments, a job which he loves. Plume lives in Moncton with his wife Naomi and their 5 year old son Carter, who also lives for all things spooky.


Chris Waddell

Chris has enjoyed working in the entertainment industry most of his life. From starting his own band at age 14 to touring with bands Dreamkick and The Wasteland Zombies in the 1990's. After moving to Vancouver in 1994 to work in the music industry there, Chris switched mediums in 1995 and began work in special effects make up as a technician for Lindala Make Up Effects which had the makeup effects contract for such series as The X-Files, Millennium, and piecemeal work for shows such as Poltergeist: The Legacy, Sliders and more. In 1998 Chris switched mediums again, when he was hired by Electronic Arts Canada and worked as a Motion Capture operator and tester. After returning to Fredericton, NB in 2012, Chris was music director at the University of New Brunswick's campus/community radio station CHSR-FM and also resurrected and hosted one of Canada's longest running Heavy Metal radio shows, 'The Crazy Train'. As well as reuniting with the Wasteland Zombies.


Ashley Dale

Ashley Dale is equal parts deviance, perversion, and tequila breath. Dabbling in photo & film, mixed media, and the written word, her weirdness is ferocious. 


You can see her work through b.elzebabe, one half of the creative force behind Left Hand Girls, an Art House recently launched out of Fredericton.  But trust me when I say, when the Going gets Weird, the Weird turn Pro.

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